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I applied and got a Q successfully during the BTO launch in Aug (Punggol).
Unfortunately, plans have changed and I can no longer wait 5+ years for BTO completion (I have yet to be called up for unit selection).

Can I instead proceed to apply for this SBF exercise?

Selected Question:
I have been invited to select a flat under an earlier sales exercise. Can I still submit a flat application for a Sale of Balance Flats exercise?
As long as you have not booked a flat and are able to meet all the eligibility conditions to buy a flat from the HDB, you may submit an application for a Sale of Balance Flats exercise.
We would, however, like to highlight that first-timer applicants who have been offered a chance to select a flat but choose not to do so, will be considered as having rejected a flat offer once. For those who reject the chance to select a flat the second time, their first-timer priorities will be removed for a period of one year.
From the July 2013 Build-To-Order exercise onwards, Second-timer applicants and First-timer singles who do not book a flat twice when invited to do so will have to wait out one year before they can participate in any HDB sales exercises.
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