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Im using the 12.9.
Find that standby power is not as good as my ipad2.
Ipad2 full charge never use after 1 week, the batt is still quite high at 60plus %.
IPad Pro 12.9 full charge standby 1 day can see more drop.
Not sure if the Apple Pencil is always charging and cause this.
Other than that, 2 window multitasking is nice.
Just installed wats app messenger for ipad which will push the wats app msgs to your ipad.
Works great.
Playing marvel strike force has some graphics being nipped off on both sides. Guess the game resolution is not made for ipad.
Cannot adjust 2 windows for affinity photo and YouTube. The YouTube will sit on TOP of affinity photo. Affinity photo always in full screen mode.
Was planning to watch video and do photo editing at same time so cannot.
So not all apps can be displayed and adjusted for 2windows.
Photo editing using affinity photo is quite nice as machiam drawing with pencil.
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