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Pogba Mlbi Matic LKK Lindelof Bailly Alexis Fred Dalot Zlatan

Fantastic? Apart from Zlatan all the rest have been bashed to dead by most leh.

I’m all for sacking JM if Ed says so and I’ll support the new manager. Why Ed doesn’t do it? No ball?
Pogba bashed to death correct, but when he injured against Man siti, "eh where pogba? sure lose sia". Lingard cannot be Messi, don't play better (cus that's the standard mah). Bailly yes did 2 mistakes in one of the games, but Smalling has been making mistakes since SAF era, what say you? ... LJ lah. besides all this, you think they're not fantastic meh?

Same with Martial, sulking in pre-season say you all, get out of man utd say you all. but now, oohhh ahhhhh martial!

thats why i say i pity the players, esp De Gea, the most. They're doing the running work listening to orders, but once wrong, forever wrong.
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