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Hi I have the above combination, tried doing clean win 7 install but seems like unable detect my USB ports. I know cannot use USB 3 port but even on USB 2 still unable to detect . I google and there are some issues on this . Tried one or two suggestions but wasn’t successful. Any advise ?
Yes, win7 does not have any newer version for the latest chipsets.
So just doing the default iso image to install, the USB will not be detected once the win7 installer loads in.

Use this tool from MSI to create the win7 thumbdrive installer first.

MSI smart tool:

Once created, bring up the smart tool software again and add the AM4 drivers in:

It will install(slipstream) all the usb stuff in.
Once ok, you can try installing your win7 again.
It will work.
We tested with B450 Tomahawk and B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC.
The USB works when installing win7.

Once done, then remember to install the rest of the drivers in windows.
(AMD, usb, lan etc)

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