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Because you are only inward-looking; you focus only on what we have. But you are not taking into consideration what other clubs have done to their team. Putting the players of all teams on the table, based on paper value, you cannot say our squad is better than Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool or Tottenham.

So if everyone is to perform to full potential, we can at best get into 5th/6th. And when we don't do best, it will be 7th-10th. Which is where we belong. Isn't it?
i focus on what we got cos because transfer period is over.
obviously i hope we get more players in but we didnt
what can we do? keep whining no new players or try to work with what we have

no club can radically change the entire squad over night right

look at chelsea. they got a new manager and they didnt buy many also.
but the main spine of the team are still the old players
and how is it that JM almost relegated the team and conte comes in and win the title with the same group of players?

same as arsenal, struggling for years with more or less the same squad.
everyone is laughing at them for years
new manager comes in with new ideas, and buy a couple of players only

spurs i dont think they even spent a single cent this transfer period? can you explain why we can beat them last season and even finish above them and then this season we got thrashed 0-3 by them this season by the exact same spurs players when they didnt spent money?
they got better players than ours? i really dont think so. they are just consistent in beating those below them all the while to be in the top 4 but they usually lose to the bigger teams

i dont want to sound like a broken record but it's really how to set up the team before every game and get our players to play to their real abilities
players like alexis, pogba, fred, matic, mata and others are champions in their own right vs those in pool,arsenal and spurs who won nothing at all. how do you even determine they are better than ours.
your impression of them as average players are way off the mark
a Real madrid or Bayern team struggling in 5th/6th in the league this season does not mean they have lousy average players suddenly.

i think the realistic expectation is incremental purchases.
bring in new players to improve the squad like what liverpool did. they have been bringing in players in key positions over the past transfer periods and actually sticking with them.

how about our recent purchases? got any of them improve the team?
all came with big money and big reputations
and why would you just bought a player for 50m pounds and then not use him when your other key midfielder is out injured
i dont want to put hate on matic but even JM's most trusted player is not doing a proper job for him this season
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