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You seem to be well acquainted with Jason Huber or you might be Jason Huber himself. Can you please answer or get Jason to answer my questions 1st? To make your life easier, let me repost them again:

1). Did CellOS have the patents which he claimed when we bought into it?

2). Was there a genuine biz with genuine products which Telco companies wanted? If there were, why were there so few contracts?

3). Why was CellOS still unable to generate income after so long & with so much being raised?

4). Was the fund spent on his & his then Mongolian girlfriend's luxurious lifestyle instead of channelling to run the biz (if there was one)?

5). If it wasn't spent on him & his girlfriend, then why did he buy the Flinder Street property using CellOS' fund which the court ordered for the proceed of the sale to be returned to CellOS? Btw, why was that property under his son's name? What was he trying to hide?

6). Why were the salaries of the employees & rents not paid for months?

If Jason can't give us satisfactory answers to the above questions, then there is no need to point fingers at the "conspirators" because it was a SCAM right from the beginning. If this wasn't a scam, then why didn't Jason went thru the proper channel of fund raising via LICENSED BROKERS from banks or selling this to accredited investors instead of retail investors like us? Are retail investors easier prey for his scheme?

Stephenhoh, why don't you check with MAS 1st thing tomorrow morning to prove me wrong? After all, we are innocent investors who just want to salvage whatever we can by taking anyone from whichever sides (Jason, Constance or Janifer) to task. We can't change what had been done to us but we can still get the authorities to go after those who are responsible for the current state of affairs in CellOS.
Stephenhoh, in order for shareholders on the sideline to believe you or biased shareholders to switch camp, you should at least get Jason to clear our doubts by answering the above questions.

You cannot expect us to be on your side if Jason just sweeps everything under the carpet.
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