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never say never ... kena snow storm March this year Kawaguchiko area heavy snow for 20 hours

Many caught off-guard. One tourist at our hotel could not drive back to Tokyo.

I also dont have snow tires so was not allowed to drive on Expressway. We were not in a rush & took longer normal roads, some parts were more challenging to drive.

Snow tires will cost more (unlike in Hokkaido where it is fitted during winter months).

Plan your route, have contingency & check latest weather situation with hotels, michi-no-eki

The ETC card discount on tolls apply on Weekends & PH only. If you have long Expressway journeys on these dates, then it will have cost savings ... regardless, it is cheap to rent (around JPY540 per rental) ... unless u use ToCoo which charges by day
thanks for sharing, i will keep that in mind.

its a must to have snow tires on expressway but not on normal road? how is it more challenging? as someone who have never driven on snow before, sounds daunting

what can i do to prep for such a situation? possible to head somewhere to change tire?
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