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I use LG Rolly back in 2015/16 and then upgraded to LG Rolly 2 around 17/18.

The good thing about rolly is that it roll up and the keystrip is horizontal full size, so typing is natural. It uses a single AAA battery and has 2x stand at the back so you can put the ipad on it.

Got the rolly because ONLY when I need to type then I roll out the keyboard, 90% of the time I just use the ipad as it was designed.

Before rolly, I bought and tried MANY different brands/models. Logitech K810 keyboard came in handy but it is EASILY destroyed because of bending...the keys stop responding. Microsoft foldable and many of those VERTICALLY folded have a spacing in the center and it's hard to type those keys in the center like GH without mistyping.
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