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yes single 35 above can only apply 2 room flats & for SBF there is a certain amount of flats that are reserved for ppl above age 55. so the chances of getting a flat is rather small.
Yes… i can tell u that the chances r almost equal to ZERO! i had my $10 x 2times makan up by HDB b4 i realise that… u sld try your luck in BTO… and even then i had tried 7 times for 3yrs b4 i finally got a number which is 2X the available units… but i "lucky" that when my turn still got the smaller 36sqm units available so i ll juz pick 1… will most probably TOP by end 2019… the 1st $10 i put in is exactly the week i turn 35… come next yr end 2019 i am already 41!! So u better not waste any time on this SOBF…
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