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Well, it doesnít matter which side of your parentís address you are using for the MCPS as it will only matter if your ballot queue was chosen during the priority scheme balloting and they have to head down to sign for you that upon the completion of your flat, for 5years, they canít move or sell off their flat.

So you and your SO have to discuss with both of your side on whose address can you all use and do they have plans to move or sell off the house within this 5 years
The flats our parents currently own are their second purchases already and they are happy to live out their lives here. That's the reason why we want it so badly, to be near our parents.

I was just wondering if we can appeal for more priority in balloting as unlike other couples who have 2 geographical locations where they can go for MCPS, we only have one. But probably not many couples in singapore have the same postal code so let me check with HDB and update back 😂
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