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I thought this was implemented redi?

I actually like this rule, but that only means Smalling is here to stay
no. currently is 17 per squad. thats why all the rich clubs can go crazy with signings

then they come out with FFP rules to prevent overspending

now they going to reduce to 12.

but if im not wrong, a youth player who is from another country can play 5yrs in England and wont be considered a foreign player

why would mancity with all their oil money buy up land in manchester and build a massive youth academy and recruit all the young FT and english talents and then send them out on loan to get experience.

too eng, too much money? or rather they have plan for the future?

look at their lineup against us over the weekend. they can probably play together at least for the next 7-8yrs

i have nothing against buying older experienced player if he's truly a exceptional player like RVP. i dont even care if we spend 150m if a 30yr scores 40 goals a season for us
but he needs to be the right type and not buying as stop gap measure.
my point is that older player need to be alot better than the current ones to improve the team.

saw this clip online today

talk about the signings and also the board not buying a defender for JM
JM wanting older players and the board want young players
naysayers will say they are talking cock but they pretty much echo i was thinking
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