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Anybody still remember the 2 UCL Finals against Barcelona? We tried to take the game to them since they were missing some players - failed when they hit us on the break. We tried to sit back and hit on counter in the next Final - failed. Does it give me any more joy from the first final vs the 2nd? No. It was just proof that we weren't good enough. That no matter what SAF tried to do, they were a good team that was just too good.

So winning, at whatever cost, need to come first before we put the icing on the cake with nice football. If anyone recalls, Chelsea and City both started by buying good players off their nearest rivals, in order to weaken them. Even SAF said something that winning is important, anything at all, because it gives him something to drive the players to want more.

And rumour has it that JoseM is one of the pragmatic and successful managers in short term goals. So we've witnessed some recent spurts in desire and short periods of better football, so I'd like to consider it progress.

Get behind the club's footballing side and screw the ones only chasing the money.
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