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Anyone able to help me? I signed up with ExpressVPN and I'm able to set up the VPN through AsusWRT OpenVPN, however the speed hit is too significant for me to stream US Netflix in 4K. I am trying to set up the MediaStreamer DNS instead but it doesn't work for me. I'm still getting SG Netflix when I set up the MediaStreamer DNS.

My ISP is MyRepublic, so I am unable to set up DDNS on my Asus router. My understanding is that it's because MR assigns a private WAN IP, i.e. in layman's terms, it's like MR is running a router ahead of my router, so the WAN IP is see reflected in my Asus router that is 172.xx.xx.xx isn't the real public IP that internet traffic sees. Nevertheless, when I log into ExpressVPN and click on DNS settings, what I assume to be my real public WAN IP is indicated as registered. If that's the case, shouldn't the DNS thing work for me? Just so frustrated I just want to get US Netflix streaming in 4K.
i dun think VPN speed able to stream 4K smoothly.
wireguard or sock5 proxy can.
even for 8k video, but need good VPS
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