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i dun think VPN speed able to stream 4K smoothly.
wireguard or sock5 proxy can.
even for 8k video, but need good VPS
I'm using Asus ac86u running on Merlin WRT's OpenVPN client and have no issues hitting 200mbps up and down stream consistently.. so Netflix and YouTube 4k with 0 dropped frames is not an issue.

Using RT-AC5300 so confirm ain't my router being not up to snuff. No VPN, LG TV Netflix app, check network connection, speed around 100Mbps. With VPN using west coast servers (LA, SF), DC server, and eastern seaboard (NJ) servers configured through AsusWRT OpenVPN, I'm getting at best 7Mbps. So I get streams at 1080p, although it usually starts at crappy 480p and low bandwidth before slowly scaling up to 5Mbps and 1080p. Ain't no 4K secret sauce. I need the 4K.
I suggest you to contact expressvpn tech support with your debug log for them to assess. ac5300 have crypto hardware acceleration that is on par with my ac86u so 7mbps is really abit too low.. unless that's really what expressvpn is providing..

I previously also tried expressvpn but requested for refund within the refund period because the speed was much slower than PIA..

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