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Exactly. If I can see our team park bus all the way to UCL final and in the game, we bring on ten defenders to protect 1-0 lead I also don't care. Shouting we are the champion is much more fun than shouting we are beautiful to watch.
We did that in his first season. By the 2nd season other teams will become wiser, once we get discovered and concede a goal, there's no plan B except for long ball.

That's whats happening now isn't it? We keep conceding a goal first because the opposition keeps piling the pressure, get their first goal and we have to come out from our shells to chase the game.

Lately we have been conceding from set pieces, so somehow the team is not good enough to defend from that. Why do we keep playing a tactic which exposes our weakness even further instead of playing to our strength? We are inviting teams to attack our weakened armor and somehow expecting a win?
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