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QQmusic premium (开通绿钻) i mean..
12 mths: 180 Chinese Yuan equals 35.98 Singapore Dollar
*note, i am on myrepublic fibre
Interesting to know QQ Music VIP works in Singapore without VPN.

I am using the free XiaMi Music 虾米音乐, not bad, can download quite some music too under both iOS and Android. Not paid for their VIP so I do not know if it really works or not but I think it should work too without VPN.

For Tencent Video腾讯视频, I think you need VPN.

For rooted Android TV box, I have used the app China Tunnel which seems to work in bypassing Geo blocking of some of the apps including Tencent Video腾讯视频.

On iPhone and Android TV boxes, free/paid VPN like Transocks穿梭and SpeedIn快帆 can be used as well. I have only tried a bit only — no time to watch so much videos, YouTube is actually good enough. And there are many apps to get access to Chinese Live TV or dramas, under iOS and Android, without VPN.

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