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Someone help me. I will be traveling under student visa to Seattle on May 2019, my friends and I is planning to drive into Canada like a few days short trip when we are there. We will be renting car from this app called TURO.

1) Is it a must to get IDP for the driver as we will be driving a US car into Canada with a SG passport? I know for us to drive in US we don’t need IDP, but we are going into Canada, I scare kenna problem.

2) Going into Canada is Visa free, But do I need to bring/prepare anything or apply CanAdian ESTA online? And somemore we are not going in by air as we are driving in.
1) You should, but you don’t have to. Source right here. (and incidentally, this was on the first page of Google results for “Canada International Drivers Permit”)

An IDP is just a translation of your driver’s license for the convenience of any non-English-speaking cop who pulls you over. Since you’re on the west coast, and not going near the French-speaking areas (I assume), this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

2) LMGTFY, mate. The google snippet for “Singaporean traveling to Canada” answers your question:
Canada. Singaporeans require an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) from 15 March 2016 onwards for travel to Canada. The eTA is an electronic document required for visa-exempt travellers seeking to enter Canada by air and is mandatory for all Singapore citizens travelling on a Singapore passport.
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