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There, you said it. The team is not good enough.

Can JM play better football using his tactics with better players? Yes.
Can JM get more players? Ed says yes but acted no. Fans here say no.

Can we use existing players and play differently? Yes.
Can JM use existing players and play differently? No, he told us so every week with his selection and tactic. But fans here doesn't want to see it and insisting JM must change.

Lastly, can we use existing players and fight for the title? Table doesn't lie.
You got read the whole sentence? I was talking about set pieces where we are not good enough to defend that. It can be down to how the players are setup to defend set pieces as well via man marking or zonal marking. The instruction given to them and what they did on the training ground. It can also be the opposition outwitted JM's tactics to score in set pieces.

All i can say is our set pieces suck when it comes to both defending a set piece and when we get one and are attacking (our corners and free kicks). It's like we kept seeing Rashford taking corner kicks and wonder why he keep taking them even though he seldom clears the first defender. Then we had Jones taking corners as well....Our freekicks started improving when Mata is taking them...that's if he's playing.
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