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Thats the way to go bro. move on .
just ignore the unknown callers.
They will get tired talking to themselves.

Once a while come back help some people in this predicament , if you have time.

Good luck.

Itís been exactly a month since I made first contact and ended the fiasco the night after. Apart from incessant calls on the third day I have no longer received any more threats, calls message whatsoever.

Just to reiterate the fact that staying firm and strong makes a huge difference. Donít throw back the vulgarity thatís directed towards you but simply tell them clearly that NOK, office are all aware and Police report has been made. Show no fear and all will be fine.

It worked for me just nice.
For the next 2 weeks I was getting a lot of calls from proxy numbers. Now that too has stopped.

End of the day they will simply move to the next target and start all over again. If everyone does whatís told in here these guys will wither away like in some time.
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