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Yes I'm using QQ Music VIP, it works even without VPN.
Just need to find someone reliable to top up your Alipay account and buy QQ coins from Taobao.
Thanks for the info.

Actually for iOS, you can just buy VIP 绿钻 in S$ with in-app-purchases from Apple App Store.

1 month S$2.98
3 months S$6.98
6 months S$12.98
12 months S$25.98

1 months S$4.48
3 months S$9.98
6 months S$17.98
12 months S$38.98

I have not checked Google App Store yet.

Another potential easier way is to use WeChat. Add a Singapore Credit Card to your WeChat account and then you can receive WeChat Ang Bao in RMB. Pay S$ to your friends here in Singapore who has WeChat money and they can send you to Wechat Ang Bao in RMB. I believe you can buy QQ Points using WeChat.

But I have never tried this myself. I am happy with the free Xiami Music.

Xiami Music vip from Apple App Store
1 month S$2.98
3 months S$6.98
6 months S$10.98
12 months S$21.98

For Paid version, I believe QQ Music should be better since it has more songs.

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