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Just paid for the pro version of speedin. I bought the 90 days package. Now they have the buy 1 get 1 free so it is kinda of cheap compared to others.

Not great but I think solutions like Transocks and SpeedIn are still usable.

I tested Transocks free version and the speed test is like this
13.2Mbps to China Unicom Shanghai server. Should be okay for Tecent Video or similar, HD or even 1080p. I believe you need to pay S$4.48 to S$32.98 to get real usages based on Apple App Store in-app-purchases info.

They have the paid pro version, from Apple App Store in-app-purchases price for reference.
S$6.98 for 30days
S$10.98 for 60days
S$63.98 for 360days

I can not test SpeedIn free version since the free line is very slow, probably only good for web browsing.

SpeedIn pricing from Apple App Store:
S$8.98 for 30days
S$19.98 for 90days
S$51.98 for 360days

For my rooted Android TV box, I used China Tunnel and tested 1080p Tencent Video VIP and it is okay.

And ExpressVPNís speed at 7Mbps should be okay for HD video as well if not that good for 1080p.
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