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If normal rate is 1%, rate up also only 2-3% la lol. As if you can feel the diff. I played abit also uninstalled, pull rates like 2x worse than ffbe, the stats is similar but cause they mix artifact with hero so twice as bad. I alrdy invested 1 year in ffbe (still f2p) so might as well stick to that one, at least everything is easy for me now, can do any event beat any trial, can save premium currency to pull for meta/fav units.
yeah mix artifact and character in the same pool is a very bad idea.. that's why i quit draglia lost within 10 mins. don't like the 1 hand control mostly.

i rerolled for it 1...6th reroll to get destinia on 1-4 and then ravi on 1-10 lol
sibei lucky.. got chances u don't get 5* in 1-10 after you got destina in 1-4
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