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i've been working there for years.
PRC there do not use the old VPN for youtube or gaming.
they use SSR/V2Ray/shadowguard. speed was much much better than VPN
watch 4k video super smooth. due to using premium CN2 network
Dun worry too much abt ip ban.
you can also 回墙watch geo-blocked chinese streams

basically they buy VPS from google/alicloud/amazon..e.g
some become provider. most well known and expensive was rixcloud
check this review

there's many free ssr server too on telegram group and google+
but telegram was blocked in china. u need to add sock5 by clicking this address on ur phone to auto add or use those here

i'm using cordcloud provider. simi 19大 or garment meeting also stay open
this angmo in china written a simple guide
Sorry to quote your earlier post but that Angmo has nice updates for simple guide and chronological update to China vpns.

Nice website for SS on vps

His China VPN updates for 2018:

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