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Thats right Ray.
bank transaction is only half true .
the other half comes from the comms with al.
if one borrowed from a few al , therre will be a few accounts paid by the few debtors which make the receiving account looks like peddling for al.
consequently , the money paid out to al that went into new debtors makes it look like loan to new debtor. the story of innocence is unbelieveable unless supported by ongoing sms with al. definitely killing oneself. can be classified as al runner.

wan . take ray's advice and all others here.

As long as you genuinely didn't do it, nothing will happen. Just tell the truth, show the sms from uml regarding loan and payment instruction. Don't worry too much on this matter. After that, close the account and open new one, don't touch uml anymore, don't give uml your new bank account, just tell them account freeze by police, and block them subsequently.
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