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fans played enough FIFA and FM to know that young players can immediately slot in and command a starting 11 spot, average team age can be 20 and still win all the competitions.
Must play them or they will never improve... You are murdering their talent.

In reality, is all down to individual, train hard keep your focus, do what your role need you to do and then give your best when called upon.

Sadly, players of such mould lesser and lesser... All playing for personal glory, when got chance to put in a good cross for teammate to score, attempt to drive in and take on the defender...

Rather shoot as inverted winger than cross on actual flank... All the media hype n glory going too fast into their head... So when not playing, not noticed, most choose to sulk.

Blind didn't, Scheneiderlin didn't, Bastian didn't, Herrera and Mata didn't.
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