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No Fear- sharing my true life

Guys, i have been in much worst situation than all of you here as i have past issues with both legal ML/loan sharks.
As i am a pretty high earner previously, i have several regular Ml/LS that loan me in excess of 100K.

Of course, this comes with a hefty price because no one can go on paying and paying interest without being squeezed dry one day.
They have sucked at least 400k from me in the past.

I can say that i went through hell and back and i am still standing today but lost everything in the process including my family/wife/job/home etc.
Everything has a price and i paid heavily.

Bottom line is -
1)Do not fear the loan sharks. Just paper tigers. Scream shout threaten but no major harm. They may splash once or twice but that's it.
2)ML must pay or declare bankrupt. They are negotiable and please approach The Silver Lining for help and guidance.
3) Change your mobile number-
4) Camera works so do install.
5) Delete all social medias.
6) Police report to be made but do not expect miracles as they will just file it and keep the case monitored for few months and close case unless LS attacks your house with decorations.

Believe these guidelines are suggested many times but still many are scared to follow so here is my summary.

Take care and do not get involved with LS ever...
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