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dun remember how i signup
but u can try downloading the app and see if u can create a new account in the app itself.
and regarding the auto topups.
using it 3 times for yearly sub each.
I signed up for QQ Music simply by installing the app from Apple App Store and sign in with my WeChat account. But the free version is practically useless here in Singapore without using VPN. Still you can use Transocks/SpeedIn VPN free version to try QQ Music out before you buy.

Edit to add: QQ Music is not even available from Google App Store in my Mi Max 1 Global Version.

On the other hand XiaMi music free version is good enough for me, tested both the iOS version and Android Version using Mi Max and Oppo R11S.

Edit to add:
You can sign up WeChat account with Singapore Mobile Number.

You can also sign up XiaMi music account with Singapore Mobile number.

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