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Dear Bros And Sis,

I would like to my account of my encounter with UML.

Somewhere about 2 weeks back, I got a text from a unknown number,offering a loan package. As I was in need of cash,I took up a 1k loan from this AL, and the arrangement was to settle it at 1.3k the following week.

5 days into the loan, the AL text me and asked for payment. As I do not wish for the matter to be blown out of proportion, I decided to settle the loan with him. To cut a long story short, I settled the amount of 1.3k with him. However a few days later, this MF claimed I ran away with his money, and he did not receive a single cent.As I see no point in reasoning with him, I blocked him on whatsapp and fark care him.And he began to harass my family, as well as my work place. He started off by ordering fast food in my name, and sent them to my home and office. Afterwhich, he called up my office and told my office I cheated his money and demanded that my office get me to contact him ASAP, else he will continue with the harassment. Eventually, things got out of hand and my HR got to learn of this, and I am facing the prospect of losing my job. I filed a Police report on this, but the constant harassment did not stop there.

Fearing for the safety of my family, I installed a CCTV outside my unit, and this scumbag actually sent people to loiter outside my unit. Just yesterday,I spotted a dubious fella loitering outside my unit at around 11pm,and i immediately called the Police. Police came within 5 mins, and I believe the dubious fella was caught and brought back for investigation. This was not this end. Shortly after,my cctv caught another fella loitering outside my unit, as if to do some recce.However,Police was unable to nab any one this time round. All these happened despite me settling my debts promptly.

Anyone had similar encounter? Please share and advise
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