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Sorry to quote your earlier post but that Angmo has nice updates for simple guide and chronological update to China vpns.

His China VPN updates for 2018:
An interesting point: SpeedTest results may not do justice to some VPNs.

But he did get the right speed from SpeedTest a day later.

NordVPN Taiwan #16

Something strange is going on with this server. I can't get very good speed on, but I can get fast speeds on YouTube and torrents.

Here are a few speed tests on NordVPN

Taiwan #16 OpenVPN UDP using the standard OpenVPN config file with the open source OpenVPN client.

40Mbps streaming speed on YouTube.

And here is the speed downloading a 1.86 GB torrent.

NordVPN TW16 torrent speed:

Downloaded in under 8 minutes with an average speed of 3.9 MB/s = 31.2 Mbps. The peak speed was around 5.5 MB/s = 44Mbps.

Strange that I can't get anything higher than 10Mbps on


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