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Don't buy the game too many hackers, aimbots n maphackers. They insane KD 90/5 lol really don't waste money.
he's not wrong. seen and experienced myself during the early access of BFV.

refunded the game shortly after that. game was excellent, no complaints about the mechanics and actual gameplay experience was great. DICE even fixed some of the nagging issues we saw in the open beta which i was very happy about.

but because of Origin Access you can invite FOUR other friends to join you and play the game for free (think for 10hrs), and with EA's hopeless anti-cheat protection, that cause alot of problems in our regional servers.

and it is pretty obvious because their pings are not low, yet insane KD ratios. especially with a Lewis gun - reason being they need to take Support class to continuously give themselves ammo.
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