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Actually not all are that nice.. I am applying for DRS also and I informed one the LMLs.However,one of them buay song, go and call my superior,expose all my debts details despite me not avoiding them.So its really case by case and how cb they want to be.

Lm can nego... But even you declare they will still want you to pay some money.. I owe 1 LM 4.7k..i paid about 3k+ I declared bankrupt since I want to go into Drs program . he didnt send collector.. The creditor himself come to my house talk nicely if I can settle another $400.. Anytime b4 I go into the program.. Guys talk to lml if you have they just want you to pay.. Debt collectors is usually their last resort they will SMS u 1st to discuss payment but if you ignore then they more mellow license not ezy to renew too many complaints.. They would prefer you to sit n discuss with them on payment..
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