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Lm can nego... But even you declare they will still want you to pay some money.. I owe 1 LM 4.7k..i paid about 3k+ I declared bankrupt since I want to go into Drs program . he didnt send collector.. The creditor himself come to my house talk nicely if I can settle another $400.. Anytime b4 I go into the program.. Guys talk to lml if you have they just want you to pay.. Debt collectors is usually their last resort they will SMS u 1st to discuss payment but if you ignore then they more mellow license not ezy to renew too many complaints.. They would prefer you to sit n discuss with them on payment..
I am having the same issue. Got conned into a forced loan. Now they threatening me, what can I do. I reported police already and investigating. They posted a A4 note and now threatened to burn my house. So now what I should I do? I alrdy blockrf them but they keep adding me
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