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Detail Alipay steps: for foreigners who have a Chinese bank account

Detail steps of WeChat pay for foreigners who have a Chinese bank account

I tend to think WeChat China Wallet and Alipay China are meant for people living in China, including Chinese citizens and foreigner working and studying in China.
With the Chinese regulations you need to use real name for bank transactions and that is why the requirement for the real name verification.

Just like Singapore is more and more accepting Union Pay and WeChat China Wallet and Alipay China accout to attract Chinese tourists, more and more places will start to accept Visa/Master Credit/debit card but that takes time. And WeChat has opened up a bit to allow foreign credit/debit card to be added to pay for quite some services like Ctrip, 12306, Didi, etc. Hopefully Alipay will follow.

More and more Chinese service providers will also start to accept foreign credit card, an example is DiDi. But the process takes time.

There are loopholes in WeChat and Alipay so that you can use 3rd party (friends or colleagues who has China WeChat Wallet and Alipay accout, or 3rd party online services, or some shops in China), after that you can use the balance to pay goods and services.

But without real name verification, basically you have to live with various constraints and limitations and it is not really convenient. So in the mean time still prepare enough cash for your trip.

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