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which fps game don't have hackers...
bf5 is 1 of the better bf too
spotting etc all the things that make the game easier is gone which makes it more enjoyable

its not hard to get 30/1 kda too if u have a good squad who knows how to revive and form a proper team composition lol
almost all my games are >30kills with 1 digit death
30 kills single digit death is doable. Legit pro with good squad. But over 80+ kills and single digit death, thats too much isn't, and like pyre mention they always use Support Class to give themselves ammo, just spray and headshot everyone better than snipers i assure you that.
Every game have hackers, example like OW too but they manage and patch the game to keep it really low, its really hard to find hackers specially in competition mode. Thing is EA not doing anything or fix the game hacking issue. Thus u'll see alot of website with bf V hacks undetectable.
Its really a shame, i really like this game.
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