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if i may add for cloudclau , the disturbing evidence is when you have multiple loans and monies came from different accounts to yours. Not forgetting that those monies are from debtors who "think " they have repaid al. this makes you qualify as receiver. this is a vicious cycle of payment plan designed to protect al identity. ray is right, at end of day the runner will have some money in his account to be paid to al. maybe he has to travel to malaysia to pass the cash.

Originally Posted by*Ray1969:
Don't worry too much even you are unable to show any sms records.
First of all, you have already made police report before.*
Secondly, those who lend their bank account to uml, normally surrender their atm to the uml runner. But yours is still with you.
3rdly, those account will have more than 5 to 10 transaction in/out a day, and normally end the day with very minimum or $0 in the account. I presume yours is not the case.
4thly, there will a bigger sum into the account which is known as capital to start a day. Yours shouldn't have since you are just a borrower.
With all these points above, the police can't prove you have loan out your account or you are a runner.

Last but no least, don't miss your appointment. Make it a point to see your io before they send you a warrant.
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