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Have been watching YT reviews on several Android boxes and did a search on TB and found the following:

RK3328 H96 Max+ 迷你电视4G+32G 安卓8.1 = RMB 240/5 = S$48

TANIX TX3 MAX 蓝牙 2G/16G S905W = RMB 190/5 = S$38

Can I conclude that for my first Android TV Box, the 2 above will be ok choices? Only $10 bucks difference, TB prices before domestic & international shipping.
The second one is okay, make sure it is of Tanix brand with Tanix logo on top of the box. The price is about right.

The first one is a generic box and not recommended for 1st time buyer unless you are good at Taobao and can deal with return shipment back to China. The price is a bit too LOW to me so I am not so sure what is the catch.
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