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Bro, the H96 Max model I quoted is the cheaper model. Think there are 3 variant of H96 Max.
I know. The RK3399 model is of much higher price. Then the RK3328 based models (H1, H2, etc) are still of usually of higher cost than you quote (more around RMB300), again these are generic boxes and from what I see not popular in Taobao at all (not good brand to buy inside China, geared toward foreign market, 外贸盒子) so it is hard to tell it is good or bad from the ratings.

You can of course try your luck...

I myself tried 4 times on generic box, 3 times okay, 1 time failed (not per specifications, not what I wanted to buy, no point return through Taobao either due to shipping cost).

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