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U guys should stick to the mibox. At least with it there is still software updates. Those unbranded box it's like striking lottery if u get a software update.
That is a good advice, especially for first time buyers. Mi Box and Mi Box S are good buy.

On the other hand, the life span of a lower end Android TV Box is like 2-3 years and FW update may not be that important for majority of the use cases as long it is of Android 6 and above.

As for Mi Box, Oreo updates kind of ruined the good name and Xiaomi has released multiple versions trying to fix the problem. The advice from “New TV Box SG” is not to update to Oreo and stick to older 6.0 version for now.

Xiaomi pulled the updates but it is said they have released new versions just a few weeks ago. Hopefully it is getting better now.

I personally do not quite like Mi Box because I have my own Chromecast and I has no interests in Netflix at all.

Also I like rooted box for the possibility of running Termux rooted packages (libusb in particular) and China Tunnel.

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