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First is to play with Arm Linux — goal achieved successfully with my X96 Mini and H96 Pro + model. Still following up with mainline Linux usage on Amlogic S905x/905w and S912. On going with the RK3328 boxes waiting for right dtb to use.

Secondly is to play with rooted Android box, including using Termux to run Linux for some testing purposes. Goal achieved. Still exploring Android.

I am part of the admin team of several open source projects, where I play the role of testing across different OS like Linux, Windows and previously also MAC OS X and BSDs, but we have not very good Android support so that is one of my objectives to learn to use Android. I can not code but pretty good at messing with different stuff and I have access to HW stuff for testing purpose.

The above two use cases are not the same as 99% of the users here.

Thirdly is to play with different apps in Android TV boxes (actually also Android phones) mainly for Mandarin/Cantonese/Hokkien entertainment, including different apps without VPN and apps with VPN, this should be similar to the uses cases of quite some users here. Not interested in Netflix or things like that.

I have created a thread about Android Phone Chinese Entertainment apps and another thread on iPhone Entertainment apps.
Wow amazing!! Thanks for sharing man no wonder u r armed with so much knowledge!
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