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That’s quite unfortunate. However, now you need to go get town council to come and paint your wall. And also if you prefer to settle fast, go and get the white paint yourself.

As for the runner, since his face was being captured on cctv. It won’t be long before he get caught. So don’t worry. For now, just tell yourself that the worst is over.

My buddy also same and within 2 weeks, the runner was being caught. Just take it easy for now.

Anyway dear bros/sis,

The cb UML AL came to my hse today,locked and sprayed paint today. As i mentioned in my earlier post,I haf already made all the payments,yet these MFs still come and harass..My cctv captured the cb kia who locked and sprayed the paint, caught his face clearly from the cctv,fker din even cover his face at all. Reported Police and police came down to cut the lock...Haizzz
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