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Thanks bro, for your kind words.I just dun understand why this MF want to play till liddat.I oredi cleared the fking loan, yet he still do all these. In addition, he is threatening to burn the house next..Am worried he might jus resort to that. He sent several threatening audio msges to my NOK, and he sound like a mad dog..As for the fking runner,i hope he get caught asap..fker can still take picture after the act. Looks like a msian..anyway, the paint is wash-able..took us 2 hrs to wash it off. Have oredi informed few nights got to stay up and jaga liao

Thatís quite unfortunate. However, now you need to go get town council to come and paint your wall. And also if you prefer to settle fast, go and get the white paint yourself.

As for the runner, since his face was being captured on cctv. It wonít be long before he get caught. So donít worry. For now, just tell yourself that the worst is over.

My buddy also same and within 2 weeks, the runner was being caught. Just take it easy for now.
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