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@Bro Zane601000

Thanks for ur kind words,bro..the worst oredi happened,i have nth else to scared and lose liao...the cb kia want play, limbeh play along..Already lost my job, i have nth but time...he want play, I play..oredi prepare the tools to whack the runner if he dare come up again..i cfm whack the living **** out of him..and if i do,i make sure i spray the paint all over him, and post it here...

Bro stay strong this will pass it can't happen forever. They have to give up if you have clear already swee take it as this is a lesson so what more can they do? rest bro your night is for you to recharge no point burning midnite oil for them get your life back your family needs you.. My respect to NOK for sticking with you thru thick and thin..
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