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So cool right. What is the most expensive thing you have purchased?
Nothing expensive, just bought some local food stuff, a few 100s RMB. Shanghai was too expensive for me.

Edit: colleagues in Shanghai mostly buy things from online stores like Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao , Yihao Dian, etc (other than fresh food items). They also say no need to buy things in the shops. End of edit.

Same for a few trips to Bangalore last year — things were too expensive for the big shopping center near to hotel and feel not safe to go to other places.

When traveling to US then yes all of us bought lots of stuff in Factory Outlet, usually several hundreds of USDs. But that was quite some tears ago and never really liked to go to US — long flight and the jet lag back and forth for a short trip was really tiring. Luckily no need to go after 2013.

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