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does that mean i shall work full time in some admin role, while studying a part time social work degree, then once i get the degree i shall be a full time social worker/counselor?

Sometimes i feel like i am better as a counselor bc of how well i can relate to them, but this is a path that i will have to find out. Do you think a degree in social work can let me step into the path of becoming a counselor/social worker in different industries such as hospital/family etc. ?
to answer your first Question - Yes, u should be working in a VWO in some capacity full time if possible while u study part time for your SUSS Bach SW degree. it will take 3 years to complete.

to answer your second question, its abit confusing. bare with me.

to 'be a social worker' in SG, u need to have a social work licence. To get this licence, u must either have done the following,

1) graduate from a social work program in SG (NUS or SUSS) or
2) graduate from a social work program overseas that's accredited there.

Read more here.

Social workers can become counsellors, or do case work and counselling.

Now if you studied counselling, eg, a Bach in Counselling. You won't be able to register as a social worker. you can become a member of the Singapore Counselling Association (SAC). They call it memberships. This is not a counselling licence like a social worker's licence.

You can read more on how to become a social worker here

What's the big deal about all this?

Many jobs in SG that deals with case work and counselling require a licence social worker. (you can check the jobs listed in the NCSS website job portals)

Having a counselling/psychology degree would put u at a disadvantage in the social service field (like working at a hospital etc) as compared to studying social work.

progression wise, many people who studied a bach in social work, would do a masters in counselling to enhance their skillset. that way they enjoy the best of both worlds. having a social work licence and being a member of SAC.
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