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Iím graduating in May too, and even though I have received an email from them stating that Iím shortlisted, they also added that my appointment is subjected to my submission of official transcript. I think theyíre accepting those who have graduated/ or are done this sem because theyíre starting in Feb. Guess we wonít hear from them till nearer our graduation then 😅
Hello! Not sure about the mid career switches but just to put your mind at ease, the same batch as you (but one year before - same interview period) officially signed their untrained teaching contract in early March of this year (graduated May this year). So I donít think many heard about the official signing till maybe feb? Following that timeline youíll officially start near the end of June. Donít worry because once youíre shortlisted + clear medical, youíre more or less on your way (: congrats!
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