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Bro you're looking for this type of carplate ah? SG only 40-50bux lah with plate holder.
That one is the 3D silver one bro, I got that for my previous car for $50 with holder/delivery/install-

They got flat and gloss silver, mine was the glossy one..3D chrome like more bling..the same sellers that do the $50 3D silver do the chrome also but price like $100-$110 so I was finding in JB..

Yeah.... Just recalled a few shops away from Sheng Auto, there is one shop with sign board saying 2nd hand tires. Grab and go.
Oh ya, have also, near Ah Yuan shop also if you explore the lanes(warning: awful roads) got shops scrapping cars and got tyre ones also.

Now only SMG, don't think will have SMS
Like SEX? Pity they skipped it

Ehh today in Jurong Island, i saw a Vezel with the lighted up car plate you guys were talking about. Really very chio.
what do you mean car plate by lighted up
will be more than happy to hide my car plate
Wah lao looks like I kenna poison already..... wanted to get the chrome but looks like this time around may be backlit plate

The number plate is backlit..plug and play harness goes to your car stock lights that light up your plate from on top normally..
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