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we are a rich club but to spend 50m for Fred to sit on the bench is ridiculous. Sanchez is not some young spring chicken with a lot of time for us to wait for him to perform, hes a seasoned veteran in the EPL and time is not on his side either.

lindelof at most is average considering our def is 13th in goals conceded.

trust has to go both ways, after a few windows of trust, surely he should work with what he has and try to make them into a team rather than this pile of scattered shiet right now with no system.
Not this nonsense againn.

Did JM tell Ed to sign Fred for 50m?

Basically you are saying instead of solving the problem, let's tell JM to suck it up and make do.

That's why like sayinng you spennt 200k on a car, but trust has to go both ways, please continue to drive with a punctured tire.

I'm not going to comment further on this topic, the last time I tried I had to block someone
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