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I am currently on counter 4 with $15k. Have $75k with UOB one (2.43%) so I do not think it is worth-it to top up CitiMaxi to $70k now. But I still see some value in this account if I reach counter 12 (assuming they dont change their terms next year again)

To maximise my interest of the $15k, I was thinking of just leaving $100 in the account when I reach counter 7 (will reset to counter 6 for that month), and then move the $15k to my DBS multiplier account which I can earn 2% ($25 interest/month) which is still higher than the account service fee of $15.

By the time i reach counter 12, i should have enough funds to top up till 70k.

Does my plan makes sense? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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