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Where is the ďJM is shiat and players are good enough to be in top 4Ē contingent?

Bench Pogba - JM shiat
Play Pogba but Pogba become clown - JM shiat
Want to buy older players - JM shiat and donít trust young players
Play McTominay - McT is godson and JM shiat to play favorite players only

Yes everything is JM fault. No one else got fault. Ed did nothing wrong paying £50m for Fred. Players did nothing wrong by being clown on field.
I am super curious why Bailly now kanna storage room by JM.

I think Fred donít always get to start because he is competing against Fellaini and Herrera and sometimes Mata for the same spot in the team.

Matic and Pogba are pretty much guaranteed a starting spot in the line up
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