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So because the manager hasn't had immediate success, we should condone player power who plays according to how they feel like it? I don't think they get their wages according to how the finance department feels like it.

The club is becoming a laughing stock. And it's pretty obvious who's leading the pack and who's playing because they're wearing the club badge on their chest. When you have the most expensive player in the squad holding the ball and facing our own goalpost during a counter instead of releasing quickly, and subsequently getting robbed because he has the standard 3 players closing down on him and him thinking he can take on all 3, all while in our own third, that's just infuriating.

I maintain the same stand on RomeluL though - he is what I would deem to be currently the only player not good enough to be a starter. Him scoring that goal delivered to him on a plate is the least he should be capable of. I don't know if his weight gain is at the direction of the club - if it is, what were they thinking, that he'll be able to out-muscle the defenders? If not their direction, why aren't they doing anything about it? If they are doing something about it, then it just means RL isn't professional enough. His miscontrol-leading-to-selfinjury is more laughable than GabrielObertan self-dribbling out of the pitch while not under pressure - at least that was due to his eagerness to impress on his debut.
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